Hello Everyone

Welcome to the site. One of my links I just found is called media specialists guide. I find it very interesting especially this is a field I would like to enter in the future.

Check out the site on my homepage and give me your comment.

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8 responses to “Home

  1. Love your media specialists link. It gives a comprehensive overview of the subject. I will certainly be using it for some of the PR ideas, thanks for sharing


  2. Glad you liked it Victoria. You are most welcome.

    As a Primary School Teacher, I found it very informative as I would like to specialize in this field and become a school-librarian or School Media Specialist. The main reasons I made it a link was so that I could return to it from time to time for information.


  3. This is a nice find! This should be useful. Thanks!


  4. Great link edith, loved it… It is also true that librarians are the tech leader in schools we are the one who teach the children about technology.
    “Proud library staff”


  5. I am so happy you loved this link. I found it would it useful for the future. You are most welcome.


  6. Very informative link. I think if teaching staff and library staff work together students will be so much more enriched.


  7. I really like your blog. Sorry I only now got a chance to view it. I’ll most definitely be back.


  8. Very interesting, I am truly amazed, well done.


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